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Kahrudin Yunus: The First Islamic Economics Thought in Indonesian

EKISPEDIA.COM - Scientific literacy in Islamic economics has continued since the time of the companions until nowadays. We know several way...

Admin 18 Jun, 2022

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Abu Dhabi to Host World Islamic Economic Forum in 2024

EKISPEDIA.COM - Abu Dhabi will host the World Islamic Economic Forum in 2024, the emirate’s Department of Economic Development (ADDED) anno...

Admin 19 Mar, 2023

Saudi Arabia Ready to Host International Conference on Women in Islam: FM

EKISPEDIA.COM | Nouakchott  -  Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan has declared the Kingdom's desire to host the internation...

Admin 19 Mar, 2023

Report Launch of Islamic Social Finance for Social Protection

EKISPEDIA.COM  | Islamabad -  Islamic social protection system fulfills multiple SDGs and serves as an excellent tool for building resilienc...

Admin 19 Mar, 2023

Is The Bay’ah a “social contract”?

EKISPEDIA.COM - A “social contract, in political philosophy, is an actual or hypothetical compact, or agreement, between the ruled or betwe...

Admin 11 Dec, 2022

Kuwait Ranks 5th Globally in Islamic Banks Assets

EKISPEDIA.COM - The size of the global Islamic finance industry is expected to reach $5.9 trillion by 2026 compared to $4 trillion in 2021,...

Admin 3 Dec, 2022

Standard Chartered Launches Islamic Sustainable Account in UAE

EKISPEDIA.COM - Standard Chartered has launched the Islamic Sustainable Account (SA) in the UAE. This new product, offered to large corpora...

Admin 3 Dec, 2022

Dur Hospitality Obtains Sharia-aligned Facility from Alinma Bank

EKISPEDIA.COM - Dur Hospitality Company has secured Sharia-compliant Murabaha financing worth SAR 257 million from Alinma Bank on 29 Novemb...

Admin 3 Dec, 2022

Waqf Salman Inaugurates the Sheikh Ajlin Mosque in Gaza, Evidence of Indonesian-Palestinian Brotherhood

EKISPEDIA.COM - Thursday (17/11/2022), thanksgiving spreads over the land of Gaza, Palestine. For the first time the 1.6 million Muslims th...

Admin 25 Nov, 2022