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Kahrudin Yunus: The First Islamic Economics Thought in Indonesian

EKISPEDIA.COM - Scientific literacy in Islamic economics has continued since the time of the companions until nowadays. We know several way...

Admin 18 Jun, 2022

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Abu Dhabi Development Fund Hits $52bn in Investments

EKISPEDIA.COM - The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development’s (ADFD) investments totalled more than AED189.7bn ($52bn), by the end of December 2022,...

Admin 23 May, 2023

IMF Needs Better Understanding

EKISPEDIA.COM - Apart from a couple of months during the heyday of the pandemic, in its programme with Pakistan, the International Monetary...

Admin 23 May, 2023

After BRICS, 10 ASEAN Countries Ditch The U.S. Dollar

EKISPEDIA.COM - BRICS is not the only group of countries that are looking to end reliance on the U.S. dollar in 2023. A new bloc of ASEAN c...

Admin 23 May, 2023

What's The Difference Between Economics and Finance?

EKISPEDIA.COM - Economics and finance are both important disciplines that are closely related but have distinct differences. Economics is t...

Admin 2 May, 2023

National Waqf Index 2022

EKISPEDIA.COM - The development of the waqf sector in Indonesia has experienced extraordinary growth this year. Based on the Ministry of Re...

Admin 30 Apr, 2023

Establishing Zakat on Oil and Gas in Malaysia

Paper Title: Establishing Zakat on Oil and Gas in Malaysia: A New Insight Author: Pg Mohd Faezul Fikri Ag Omar, Haneffa Muchlis Gazali, Mo...

Admin 16 Apr, 2023

Abu Dhabi to Host World Islamic Economic Forum in 2024

EKISPEDIA.COM - Abu Dhabi will host the World Islamic Economic Forum in 2024, the emirate’s Department of Economic Development (ADDED) anno...

Admin 19 Mar, 2023

Saudi Arabia Ready to Host International Conference on Women in Islam: FM

EKISPEDIA.COM | Nouakchott  -  Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan has declared the Kingdom's desire to host the internation...

Admin 19 Mar, 2023