Kahrudin Yunus: The First Islamic Economics Thought in Indonesian

Kahrudin Yunus: The First Islamic Economics Thought in Indonesian
EKISPEDIA.COM - Scientific literacy in Islamic economics has continued since the time of the companions until nowadays. We know several ways (mazhab) in Islamic economics as mentioned by Adiwarman A. Karim (one of the experts in Islamic economics in Indonesia) such as the Baqir as-Sadr school with its Iqtishoduna, then the mainstream school, and the alternative-critical school.

However, in this discussion we will not discuss it further. This time we will discuss a brief biography of Prof. Dr. Kahruddin Yunus, an Indonesian Islamic Economics figures who was well known in the Middle East during his time.

With an economic system based on culture, his monumental work entitled Sistem Ekonomi Kemakmuran Bersama (Bersamaisme) was born in 1955 and has a total of about 700 pages. It is enough of a reason for him not to use ideas offered by various mainstream economic systems, whether they come from the left, right, or center. In the beginning, this book was printed in Arabic and has spread to various countries in the world. He argues that Islamic economics must be built on the benefits of political economy to build a democratic system.

The Biography of Kahrudin Yunus

  • Kahrudin Yunus was born in Jorong Sarikieh, Nagari Sulit Air, Kab. Solok, West Sumatra on August 14, 1915.
  • Graduated from the Normal Islamic School (Kuliyah Mu’alimin Islamiah) in 1937, Padang, Indonesia.
  • He got a BA in Commerce. Al Azhar University, Cairo-Egypt
  • Diploma in Political Science and MA in Political Economy from the Faculty of Commerce, University of Egypt, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Took a Doctorate from Columbia University, New York City (but not completed)
  • His last degree is a Doctor (Ph.D) in economic philosophy from American University.
  • He died on October 23, 1979.

During his studies in Egypt, Kahrudin Yunus wrote extensively for the Harian Persamaan, Pandji Islam, and other Islamic magazines in the Middle East.

After arriving in Indonesia on October 6, 1954, he was appointed as a high official at the Ministry of PP & K (Teaching, Education, and Culture) and, besides that, he also became a lecturer at several universities in Indonesia, such as:

  • P T P G (Perguruan Tinggi Pendidikan Guru) in Batu Sangkar
  • U I S U (Universitas Islam Sumatera Utara) in Medan
  • Perguruan Tinggi Darul Hikmah, Bukit Tinggi
  • P T A I N (Perguruan Tinggi Agama Islam Negeri) in Yogyakarta.
  • Fakultas Hukum dan Filsafah Muhammadiyah in Padang Panjang
  • Perguruan Tinggi Islam Tjokroaminoto in Surakarta
  • Guru Besar in Pusroh Angkatan Darat

Besides being a lecturer, he also joined the Association for Islamic Economic Support (PPEI) as a temporary General Chair and was active in developing and deepening his opinions in various ways, especially towards PPEI members.

Books of Kahrudin Yunus

He is a prolific writer and quite brilliant. It’s just that, not much attention and review of his ideas, so it is almost unknown. Among the books he wrote:

  • Bersamaisme Ekonomi Terpimpin
  • Hidup Bermasjarakat
  • Sistem Ekonomi Menurut Islam (Islamisme)
  • Berpribadi Menurut Islam
  • Berkeluarga Menrut Islam
  • Bermasyarakat Menurut Islamisme
  • Bernegara Menurut Islamisme
  • Berinternasional Menurut Islamisme
  • Islamisme Synthesis antara Thesis (Kapitalisme) dan Anttithesis (Komunisme)
  • Sistem Politik Ekonomi Pancasila
  • etc.

Towards the end of his life, Kahrudin ever said to his son, Damai bin Kahar Pakieh Kumanggo, “In the Sulit Air, the tip of my fingernail is not appreciated, in Minangkabau, at least only the tip. In Indonesia, only my nails. But when I am in Arabia, I am welcomed more than a prime minister.”
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