Waqf Salman Inaugurates the Sheikh Ajlin Mosque in Gaza, Evidence of Indonesian-Palestinian Brotherhood

Waqf Salman Inaugurates the Sheikh Ajlin Mosque in Gaza, Evidence of Indonesian-Palestinian Brotherhood

EKISPEDIA.COM - Thursday (17/11/2022), thanksgiving spreads over the land of Gaza, Palestine. For the first time the 1.6 million Muslims there can again prostrate in the comfort of the mosque. After finally on November 17 2022 AD or 22 Rabi'ul Akhir 1444 Hijriah, the Sheikh Ajlin Gaza Mosque was inaugurated.

Through the Soft Launching of the Sheikh Ajlin Mosque in Gaza entitled "Proof of Indonesian Brotherhood for Palestine", around 200 invited guests from Indonesia and Palestine attended. All together witnessed the sweet fruit of the struggle for access to worship and a decent life for the Palestinian people. A number of figures who took part in the event included, Dr. Abdul Hadi Al Agha as Deputy Secretary of the Palestinian Ministry of Waqf and Religion, Dr. H. Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, ST, MUD as the Governor of West Java as well as the designer of the Syekh Ajlin Gaza Mosque, Ir. Oemar Seyam as CEO of Aman Palestin Global, Prof. Dr. Ir. Suwarno, MT as Chair of YPM Salman ITB, and Ir. Hari Utomo as Main Director of Wakaf Salman ITB.

“Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah Ta'ala because this mosque brings light to us. The spirit of liberating the Aqsa Mosque comes from the mosques that were built (one of them is the Sheikh Ajlin Mosque in Gaza). This mosque is a good relationship between Malaysia, Indonesia and Palestine," said Dr. Abdul Hadi Al Agha.

As recorded in history, the Sheikh Ajlin Mosque (formerly Abu Jehad) was destroyed to the ground as a result of Israeli military aggression, in 2014. About 2,200 people died in the tragedy that summer, including 551 of them children. The re-establishment of this mosque is a kind of symbol for the hope of the victory of the Palestinian people who are accompanied by the Indonesian people to be released from the shackles of Zionist colonialism. In addition, it is also expected to become a symbol of international peace.

"This mosque will be a place for the children of Gaza to one day be able to liberate Palestine," said Ustadz Roji Hamas in his National Peace National Address directly from Gaza, Palestine.

Formerly the Gaza Sheikh Ajlin Mosque could only accommodate 512 worshipers, now the 3-level mosque which also includes a place for learning the Koran and a health clinic, has the capacity to accommodate up to 2000 worshippers.

As for the construction of the Sheikh Ajlin Mosque in Gaza, it has left traces of struggle from 2016 to 2022. It can be inaugurated. The total funds disbursed from the wakifs/donors of the Salman ITB Wakaf during that time were USD 197,835.89. Wakaf Salman ITB thanked all parties involved in the construction of this mosque including Aman Palestine, the Committee for the Reconstruction of the Sheikh Ajlin Gaza Mosque which was chaired by Ust. Mustofa As Showaf, Palestinian Ministry of Waqf, to Palestinian Manpower headed by Ust. Ashom Ad Da'lis.

Ir. Oemar Seyam left a message, "Thank you to one of our main partners, wakif & donor Wakaf Salman ITB who have connected with us from the beginning of the construction of the mosque until it was inaugurated."

After the inauguration of the Sheikh Ajlin Mosque in Gaza, the congregation immediately performed the five daily prayers for the first time. Now the call to prayer in the land of Gaza is getting louder. The local congregation, which consists of the local community, those who are active on the beach, and those who cross the main road in front of the mosque, have been able to perform congregational prayers again easily at the Sheikh Ajlin Mosque after waiting 8 years.

The last prayer from the Governor of West Java, "We thank the donors. Hopefully Allah Ta'ala will soon give the gift of independence to the Palestinian people and give peace to the world. May Allah always bless and bless us all.”

Furthermore, the Salman Waqf opens opportunities for Mr/Mrs Friends of the Waqf to be able to do charity by facilitating access to clean water for Palestine. As the waqf well program has reached Africa and various corners of Indonesia, let's also make the waqf well for Palestine #pastimakinuntung

Source: bwi.go.id

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