Learn from the Practice of Wakaf Tebuireng Jombang

Learn from the Practice of Wakaf Tebuireng Jombang

EKISNEWS - In Islam, of course, we find various suggestions for doing good. As well as recommendations for waqf. This waqf is still in one essence with the concepts of khayr, infaq, and birr. The Qur'an itself mentions these concepts. One of them is an order that we always worship and do good.

“O you who believe! Bow, prostrate, and worship your Lord; and do good, that you may prosper.” [QS. Al-Hajj (22): 77]

Long story short, waqf has become one of the philanthropic models offered in Islam. Waqf is also known as an economic empowerment of the people as it was during the golden age of Islamic civilization. Call it the Ottoman Caliphate, one of whose economic schemes was supported by waqf.

Now, let's get into the waqf trail of the Jombang Tebuireng Islamic Boarding School. It turned out that before waqf was widely instituted in Indonesia, around 1946 AD the practice of waqf as a tradition was already taking place at the Tebuireng Islamic Boarding School. Starting from around that year, Kyai Haji Hasyim Asy'ari donated around 13 hectares of land. Then, the Tebuireng Kyai who served thereafter carried on the tradition as nazhir or managers of the waqf land.

Reporting from the ISLAMICA journal, Kyai Haji Hasyim Asy'ari said he was fully aware of the significance and role of waqf institutions in ensuring the survival of Islamic boarding schools and the educational process within them. However, the religion of Islam in a noble manner does not only present waqf so that the mauquf 'alaih can only benefit from it. But the benefits of the waqf can also be felt for the waqf manager. The proof is that the waqf management of the 13 ha land is also enjoyed by the badal (assistant kyai), teachers, and some students who are unable to make ends meet.

The Process & Sweet Fruits of Waqf Management at the Tebuireng Islamic Boarding School

There are interesting things from the management of waqf at the Tebuireng Islamic Boarding School. Apart from continuing to roll out the benefits of a number of existing lands, Nazhir also increased the land area, and started to move to waqf in the form of buildings. Waifnya also increasingly reach the wider community. It was recorded that in 2008 alone, the community became waqif from a land area of ​​149,532 m2. This land is a field around the cottage, some rice fields, and a yard outside the cottage.

Reporting from the MAZAWA journal, Muhsin KS, the treasurer of the pondok, gave a statement that as long as he was managing the waqf agency, if the pondok had money, buying waqf land would always take precedence.

A little bit of inspiration from the practice of waqf at the Tebuireng Jombang Islamic Boarding School, we learn that waqf worship can be done by anyone and anyone can feel the benefits of waqf. Starting from a figure who provided waqf for the Tebureng Islamic Boarding School, he became an example so that the community also wanted to make waqf. The results can be enjoyed extensively and for a long time as Islam since fifteen centuries ago has laid the foundations of a social system that is able to respond to the challenges of the times, including through waqf mutual cooperation.

Source: bwi.go.id

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